General Civil Litigation

Anyone who has been through a trial will tell you that it can be a very time consuming, costly process; one that most people do not want to repeat. We know that when you are involved in a contentious dispute the last thing you need is a time consuming and expensive lawsuit. So our efforts on behalf of our clients start with a focus on dispute resolution without going to Court. Learn More.

Business Litigation

We represent corporate and individual clients in a wide range of matters including loan agreements, leases and management contracts, buying and selling property, warranty issues and a wide variety of contract disputes in both California State and federal courts, as well as in mediation and arbitration forums. Learn More.

Business Transaction Matters

We provide strategic advice and direction to our clients on a broad range of subject matters including partnership and sale agreements, lease reviews and negotiations, employment contracts and policies, service and supply contracts, as well as inventory and other types of financing arrangements. Learn More.

Employment Litigation

Your lawyer should save you the expense of a drawn out trial and resolve your matter efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience in the bar and restaurant industry. Learn More.

Accident Injury Claims

We offer a full range of services to  clients who have suffered significant personal injury, including auto and construction accidents, spinal and brain injury and wrongful death, and those who have suffered personal injuries or property damage due to defective products or design. Learn More.

Contracts & Disputes

Contract disputes can occur not only in our professional and businesses affairs but also in our personal lives. When a contract or dispute arises, we start by analyzing the disagreement at issue to determine the impact it may have on you personally and professionally. Learn More.