General Civil Litigation

Anyone who has been through a trial will tell you that it can be a very time consuming, costly process; one that most people do not want to repeat. We know that when you are involved in a contentious dispute the last thing you need is a time consuming and expensive lawsuit.

Our efforts on behalf of our clients start with a focus on dispute resolution without going to Court. However, there are times when there is no alternative to litigation, and at those times you need a strong advocate who is knowledgeable, aggressive and responsive to your needs. At The Law Office of David B. Norris, you will be provided with sound advice and counsel during the difficult times surrounding litigation. Whether it involves domestic relations, real estate, personal property, or any other disputes, you find a trusted counselor and advocate.

Much of our success in Court proceedings is due to years of experience and simply hard work. When a client comes to see us about a potential matter of civil litigation, we know that at that time there is probably no greater concern in that client’s world. We will treat your case with respect. We will be responsive to your needs. At the conclusion of your case you will know that you have had a strong, knowledgeable advocate working on your behalf who skillfully worked to achieve the results you were seeking.

Our litigation experience spans a wide array of disputes including contracts, labor, employment, sexual harassment, malpractice, standard of care issues, landlord and lease controversies, and defendant’s rights in most civil matters.